Software Integrations



The CathexisVision Integration Feature provides a powerful enhancement to the world-class, feature-rich CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software.

CathexisVision goes beyond surveillance to offer a sophisticated and fully integrated infrastructure and security management system.  The software truly delivers maximum return on client investment.

Seamless third-partythird-party systems integration, easy installation, and exceptional ease-of-use have made CathexisVision the preferred surveillance software solution for global market sectors, including retail, banking, mining, education, residential, commercial, healthcare, transport, logistics, and city surveillance.

At Cathexis Technologies, we believe that any system transaction or event can be enhanced by the association of synchronised video. Because of this, integration has become one of the defining and differentiating features of CathexisVision. Integrations include: Access Control, Alarm Panels, Fire Panels, Analytics, and Building Management Systems.

This seamless integration provides an extremely powerful, single-user interface. It is enhanced by video verification of events that occur, as well as rules-based events that can be initiated from event data. The integration provides a dramatically enhanced control room environment by improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration enables the system to guide the CCTV operators to specific cameras associated with third-party system events, which speeds up response times.. Control room operators enjoy an improved and efficient environment by through having the system automatically choose cameras to view based on events or alarms from Access Control Systems, Alarm Panels, and Fence Monitoring Systems.



Integration Applications

                      • IP Cameras
                      •  Access Control
                      • Alarm Panels
                      • Fence Management
                      • Fire Panel
                      • Money Counters
                      • Point Of Sale
                      • Weighbridges
                      • Bar-code Readers
                      • Environmental Monitoring Systems
                      • Video Analytics
                      • Other Integrations